Electrical Pulse

Latest in-browser 3D interactive audio-visual music video from the talented vincemckelvie is a collaboration with Chuck Anderson and music by Juno Akasawa.

Enjoy it for yourself here


A Brief History of Animated GIF Art, Part Three

Latest essay from Paddy Johnson for artnet looks into how Tumblr has paid a huge part in the file format as an art medium:

A Tumblr-based art world, generally speaking, is defined a little more broadly than the art world defines itself. The dashboard removes context the way a Google image search does, so that may have something do with its democratic nature. Articles and lists about artists on Tumblr typically include artists with little to no connection to the art world—mathematicians, animators, computer programmers, etc—as well as artists who work the gallery and museum circuit.

Highlighted artists and shoutouts go to dvdp, threeframes, annstreetstudio, hellyeahcinemagraphs, mrdiv, hexeosis, echophon, zwian, beesandbombs, adamferriss, slimjimstudios, cindysuen, hoppip, michaelshillingburg, centolodigiani, brentsgifs, lolumadclub, twohundredfiftysixcolors, joehamilton, francoiseditelagrivoise, kimasendorf, scorpiondagger, evapapamargariti, vincemckelvie, wolfandunicorn, laturbo, cloaque, 15folds, and myself …

You can read the whole article at artnet here